Class Description

September 2020 to May 2021


About Our Youth Dance Classes

These classes are a progressive program of dance instruction following the class and age level. Students must meet the minimum age requirement by the first day of class. Continuing, intermediate and advanced classes are for students with previous experience or instructor’s approval. Fall/Spring classes start the week of September 12th through May 15th. Tuition will be paid monthly on the 1st of every month. Please complete a Registration form and include class, time and day.  Please remember to include your email address because most communication about classes and possible changes will happen via email. Pre-registration is encouraged due to class limits. Any class with less than 5 students may be canceled.  Check the website for updates. Dress Code Girls: A Leotard, any color, tights and required shoes for class. Please do not have the younger children wear leotards with attached skirts.

Boys: T-shirt, shorts, jazz pants or sweat pants for any tap or jazz class, and required shoes.  All Boys in any Combo or Acro or Power Tumbling classes are required to have a boy’s leotard and shorts.


Tiny Tots Tumbling & Dance (1 ½ year old to 3 ½ yr olds) Comfortable clothing and clean tennis shoes required for both parent and student. Class Philosophy– To provide music activities for an adult / child to participate in together that will aid in the child’s total development while bonding the child and adult and enhancing the adult’s understanding of the importance of their involvement in these classes.  Child/Parent involvement with the Introduction of a structured class working on fine and gross motor skills such as jumping, hoping, balancing, rolling, catching, and climbing, thru stretching and beginning tumbling. Various themes will be used each week working with individual stations and whole class exercises and games. Class size limited.

Rising Stars Beginners Program (3-4 year olds)Black Acro Shoes Required. Introduction to movement experiences through music, response to music, and dancing learning in singing in playful form along with the intro to acrobatics and pre-ballet.

55 Minute Class 9 Month Commitment

Bright Stars (4-5 year olds)
Black Acro Shoes and Black Tap Shoes Required.
Class is a combination of beginning Tap, Ballet and Acrobatics geared specifically for the young students that have previously attended 1 to 2 years of Rising Stars. This is an introduction class in which you will learn basic steps and dances to fun music.
55 Minute Class  9 Month Commitment

Shooting Stars (5-7 1/2 year olds)
Black Acro Shoes and Black Tap Shoes Required.
Class is a combination of Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics and intro to Jazz. This is a progression of the previous Bright Stars Class with continued concentration on building skills and emphasizing technique.
55 Minute Class 9 Month Commitment
Acro Dance (6-10 year olds)
Black Acro Shoes Required.
Class is a combination of Acrobatics and intro to Jazz. This is a progression of the previous Shooting Stars class without Tap. Concentration on flexibility and coordination skills with emphasizing technique.
55 Minute Class   9 Month Commitment

Lucky Stars (6-9 year olds)
Black Acro Shoes and Black Tap Shoes Required.
Class is a combination class with continuation of Acrobatic skills, Tap, Jazz and Ballet with increase flexibility and coordination skills. Prerequisite, 1 to 2 years Shooting Stars.
90 Minute Class  9 Month Commitment

Super Stars (8 1/2-11 year olds)
Black Acro Shoes and Tap Shoes Required.
Class is a combination of all types of Dance and Acrobatics. Prerequisite; 2 years Lucky Stars.
120 Minute Class 9 Month Commitment
Tumbling (4 to 16 year olds) NON-RECITAL CLASS Month to Month Commitment
Boys and Girls must wear a leotard. Boys wear a Step-in leotard with shorts.
Introduction to Beginner/Intermediate Power Tumbling. Skills will be taught on panel mats and rod floor. Concentration will be on strength, flexibility and balance.
Beginner class: (4-9 yr olds)45 minute Class
Intermediate Class: (9-14 yr olds) 55 minutes Class
 Tap Dance ( Jr High/High School/ Adult)
Black Tap Shoes Required.
Tap develops coordination, timing, memory and rhythm skills.
Intermediate/Advanced 13 yrs+
45 Minute Class 9 Month Commitment
Jazz/Hip Hop (8 ½ year olds and up)
Black Jazz Shoes Required.
Jazz combines graceful techniques and fast paced dancing to create many different expressions in motion.
Typically to Pop or Top 40 Music.
Intermediate/Advanced 13 yr+  
45 Minute Class 9 Month Commitment

Ballet (8 ½ year olds and up)
Pointe Ballet (13 years & up with instructors approval)
Pink Ballet Shoes Required
Ballet is the study of a specific set of controlled movements (and their terminology) designed to develop strength, grace and flexibility.
45 Minute Class 9 Month Commitment

Lyrical (Must be currently enrolled in Ballet and have a minimum of 2 years of Ballet experience.)
Tan Jazz Shoes Required.
Lyrical develops coordination, flexibility, timing, memory skills. Expressing feeling through movements and emotions to the lyrics of the song.
9 Month Commitment
Modern/Contemporary Dance (8 1/2 year olds and up)
No Shoes Required. Footless tights needed.
A contemporary movement class that will work on developing a full range of motion, artistry, and body awareness. This form developed out of ballet, but concentrates on the ideas of contraction/release and fall/recover. Classes will include floor-based warm-ups, center warm-ups, across the floor, and center combinations. Built for anyone who enjoys moving their bodies!
9 Month Commitment
J’s Star Power Tumbling  & Trampoline Team (5 yr-18 yr olds)
Deadline for the Tumbling Team Sign up is Sept 1st. The competitive Tumbling Team will begin practice in September-June on Wednesdays.
$245 Yearly Membership fee, $95 USTA/AAU Membership fee, Team leotard and Team Warm up outfit are required. Tumbling Team will participate in a minimum of 4-6 meets during the 10 month season.
For complete details about the Team, pick up an Informational Packet
10 Month Commitment

Tuition and Payment Policy
The first tuition payment will be due upon your registration and the remaining 8 payments are due on the first of every month, October-May 2021.  Tuition Payments may be made monthly by check or cash and must be received by the 1st of each month.  A late fee will be applied to past due balances after the 5th of each month. Family Discounts are available – Students of the same family must live in the same household, one discount per family:  Family of 3 or more students enrolled will receive 20% off their tuition. One Student enrolled in 5 or more classes will receive 5% off tuition. Two students of the same family enrolled in 3 or more classes each will receive 10% off tuition.  A family enrolled in a total of 10 or more classes will receive a 50% discount off their tuition.  Tumbling Team Tuition is not included in Family Discounts.
For a complete set of policies a Parent Handbook will be supplied at the beginning of the year to each student.

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