Star Power Tumbling & Trampoline Team

J’s Star Power Tumblers

2020-2021  Competitive

Tumbling & Trampoline Team

All members (Boys and Girls 5 yrs & up) of J’s Star Power Tumbling Team must be members of the USTA (United States Tumbling and Trampoline Association) The studio must maintain the TEAM membership for the studio and each coach and student must pay individual memberships. All coaches must have a back ground check and have a current safety certification.  All members must be currently a Registered Student for the ‘20-‘21 Season and in good standing at J’s Dance Studio.


We will split our practices by ages and levels by attending one day  Wednesday 6:15-7:30pm unless changed by a holiday beginning in September.  The exact times may change depending on the number of members.  Tumbling, unlike other sports, is year round. The competitive season is from September through June. During the summer, we work on new skills for the Fall and concentrate on strength and perfection of next years skills. Very few gymnasts can take off for the summer and return in the Fall to keep up with their individual progression thru the levels.  As it is no longer a requirement to be enrolled in an additional dance or tumbling class, it is strongly encouraged. Faster progressions will definitely be noticed with more practice.
Practice tuition fees must be paid each month on the first day of the calendar month.  The student must attend a minimum of 2 practices a month to be able to go to the monthly competition. Tuition that is not paid on the first will be subject to late fees and will not be able to compete.
Practices are to be used for strength training and working on their individual tumbling passes. This is not necessarily the time to learn new skills, but yet practice and polish on the required skills needed to create passes per the level they will be competing in. As they progress, new skills will continue to be introduced.
Students are expected to arrive at practice with their hair neatly secured away from their face (ponytail, braids, etc – no wispy pieces around face!!). Only a leotard is to be worn at practice – no tights. A gymnastic style leotard (Alpha Factor, GK, etc) is suggested. Team leotards are only to be worn at meets.

Team Fees:

Membership fee is $235.  Due by September 1st.  Each additional child of the same family $150
Monthly practice tuition fee $68, due on the first of each month (September-June)
$145 Team leotard, $98 team warm-up (Students may participate in the Butterbraid Sales to earn FREE or other fundraisers) Gently used items may be available for sale by other members.
USTA membership fee $95  Due by September 1st.

Meet Entry fees
: Typically the entry fees are $55 to enter the tumbling event and an additional $5 more for each the Double Mini and/or Trampoline. State and National Meets have a higher entry fee.  Each meet has entry deadlines. They will be posted and payment must be paid prior to those dates. If a student signs up for a meet and later “scratches” due to changing mind or other conflict arises then a $10.00 per event scratch fee will apply. Family emergencies and student’s illness are waived.  Weather conditions are unexcused if Coaches have reported they are in attendance.  These fees must be paid in full prior to attending the following meet.  Admission charges are generally Adults $3.00, Senior Citizens $2.00 and children $1.00.

Meet Attire: Girls: Team Leotard, Boys: gymnastic step-in & shorts, J’s Black Warm-up Suit. NO tights are allowed to be worn. Briefs, if worn, MUST match the color of the leotard around the leg opening or be flesh colored. Sports bras MUST not show.  All hair, even short hair must be pulled back and out of eyes.  White shoes are to be worn for the Double Mini and Trampoline.

Age Determination & Age Groups: Ages will be determined by the Universal Birthdate of December 31. Whatever age a competitor will be on December 31 will determine the age he/she will compete at the entire competition year.

Divisions: There are many Tumbling Divisions: Sub Beginner, Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Sub Novice, Novice, Intermediate, Sub-Advanced, Advanced, Elite. Competitors are divided into age groups within their division. The coaches will determine which we feel is the most appropriate level to enter each TEAM Member.

Tumbling Passes:
Sub-Beginner, Beginner, & Advanced Beginner divisions will compete on panel mats like we have at the studio. Sub-Novice, Novice and Intermediate division will compete on a rod floor.  However, at Nationals all levels compete on the rod floor.

Tumbling Levels

Sub-Beginner- 5 forward rolls– Sub-Beginner’s will compete a five skill pass consisting of forward rolls. This division is open to participants age 6 and under.

Beginner- Forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, handstand forward rolls, back extension rolls Beginners will compete two five skill passes consisting of one backward pass(tuck/pike/straddle rolls & round-offs) and one front pass (tuck/pike/straddle rolls, handstand rolls, Cartwheels, & round-offs

Advanced Beginner- Limbering skills and walkover skills– Advanced-Beginners will do two five skill passes consisting of one backward pass (must include a limber skill) and one front pass (must include a limber skill)

Sub-Novice- Round-off 2 back handsprings& Round-off 3 back handsprings– Sub-Novice will compete one three skill and one four skill pass. Each pass must include one handspring (flip flop).

Novice- Round-off 4 back handsprings& Round-off 7 back handsprings

Intermediate- One 5 skill, & one 8 skill consisting of back handsprings and Aerial skills (tuck backs, whip backs, layouts)

Sub-Advanced- One 5 skill, & one 8 skill, adding twisting and fronts to the skills done at the intermediate level.

Advanced- One 5 skill, and one 8 skill, working toward all aerial skills up to double and triple twists and flips.

Double Mini Levels

Beginner-Performs 2 passes.  Straight, Tuck, Tuck and Straight, Straddle, Straddle.  Pikes, half and full turns may also be added.

Novice- Performs 3 passes.  Must perform a front or back somi along with Pikes, Straddles and Tucks.

Intermediate-Performs 3 passes. Each pass must include one somi, but can not include two.

Sub-Advanced- Performs 3 passes.  Each pass must contain one somi. At least one pass must contain two somies.  No more than 2 passes may contain 2 somies. At least one pass must contain a spotter somi.

Trampoline Levels-

Beginner- warm up 45 seconds.  One routine of 10 contacts with 3 compulsory skills(tuck, pike, straddle) and 7 optional skills.

Novice- warm up 2 times for 30 seconds.  One routine of 10 contacts with 4 compulsory skills and 6 optional skills.  Maximum of 2 somies.

Meets: We will be attending 8-10 meets that are within 60-90 minutes driving time. The meets are optional but students are encouraged to attend as many as possible to experience the competition atmosphere. Some are in Woodhull, Arthur, Monmouth, Canton, Peoria, Kewanee, Mattoon, Romeoville, and Decatur. We will try to attend one day meets that offer the Double Mini, Tramp & Tumbling on the same day.  If it is a 2 day, the Tumbling portion of the Meets are almost always on Sundays and we may not do both events depending on the location. They may start as early as 8:15 a.m. and finish around 5:00 p.m. We will know exactly what time you will be starting so that you may not need to be there the whole day. But, we do want to stress that we are creating a TEAM and encouragement, support and cheering on our teammates is a very big part of competition. Transportation will be each Team member/family responsibility.

Awards: It is very typical that winners earning 1st-3rd will receive Trophies, 4th-10th Medals and ALL competitors will receive a participation medal if they do not place in the Top 10 of their Division. No awards will be given unless Competitors are in Team Attire. That means no warm-ups at the time they are passed out.

The USTA calendar of meets is not available until September 15th.  Once we receive it, we will determine our entire season schedule.  The USTA IL Northern State meet is scheduled April ____, 2021.  This year’s 2021 USTA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Rochester Regional Sport Center
Rochester, MN – June 14-19, 2021.   We encourage the Parents to organize places to have us sell Dippin’ Dots as a Team Fundraiser to help off set the yearly entry fees and encourage everyone to participate.  It must be an event with more than 250 people.  The team will be able to participate in the whole Studio Butterbraid/Pizza Fundraiser in Sept/Oct.   The Studio Staff and Coaches will also help support the team with an American Girl Doll Raffle drawing in November.  Participation in these fundraiser will be optional to obtain a profit from them. Proceeds will be divided by those participants. Parents are encouraged to hold meetings and plan events.  All participants at any fundraiser will be required to wear a team t-shirt.

Along with the student dedication, we are also asking for parents help and commitment to make the J’s Tumbling & Trampoline Team a success for many years to come. Parents will be required to volunteer to sign up for Tramp Spotters during meets. Each parent must provide a minimum of 6- 30  minute spots on spotting trampoline throughout the season.  If this is not met, a $50 fee will be charged to your account and must be paid prior to competing at USTA State and USTA Nationals.  All Parents spotting will be required to wear a team t-shirt to represent our Team. A new USTA Rule states that any Team that does not supple and cover their assigned time frame for Tramp Spotting will be fined $500 per meet or violation.

If you have suggestions or questions, please feel free to ask us or email

We are dedicated to supporting this program at J’s Dance Studio.

“Behind every successful athlete is a dedicated family!”

2020-2021 Coaching Staff:  Miss Jeanette, Miss Laurie and Miss Corie