2021 Picture Schedule APRIL 11th


SUNDAY 4/11/21 Day of Class you attend Dressing Room Assignment #1 Small class room #3 Upstairs class room Class
12:00 Teachers/Staff
12:15 Wednesday               #3 Pt Ballet
12:30 Monday 4:30            #1 Rising Stars
12:45 Monday 5:30            #1 Bright Stars
1:00 Wednesday 4:15       #3 Tap
1:15 Monday 6:00            #1 Shooting Stars
1:30 Monday  6:30           #3 Ballet
1:45 Wednesday               #3 Jazz
2:00 Tuesday 5:30           #1 Rising Stars
2:15 Wednesday              #3 Lyrical
2:30 Tuesday 5:00           #1 Shooting Stars
2:45 Tuesday 5:00           #3 Super Stars-Ballet
3:00 Tuesday 6:00           #1 Lucky Stars
3:15 Tuesday 5:00           # 3 Super Stars-Jazz
3:30 Monday 7:15            #1 Jazz Hip Hop

Pictures will be taken by Woods Photography of Clinton in the large back dance room. A crisp beautiful back drop and flooring will be set up with all the special lights needed to take our dance pictures. All checks are to be payable to Woods Photography. Please remember to bring your Picture Form (found in your costume bag) and payment. Please plan to arrive atleast 15 minutes prior to your time and come with tights on and hair done. Bring your costume and all parts including shoes.  NO STAGE MAKEUP, please! Please help with our scheduling & dressing room areas and leave all non-students (brothers & sisters) at home. Daddies will not be allowed in the girl’s dressing room. If mom or grandmother is unavailable, please ask one of the other moms in your class for help that day. If there are any special requests with taking sisters/brothers together, please just ask at the time you are scheduled. As a reminder, no colored hair, no finger nail polish, no earrings or jewelry unless it’s part of the costume. Our Photographer, Mark Woods has asked that when the teachers are posing and arranging our students that all parents remain in the dressing room and out of the hallway to allow us to stay on schedule. He promises it works best and can have their full attention for better pictures.

 Picture order forms are found in the Costume Bags. New this year, you can prepay ahead or you may pay at picture day. Please complete form prior to standing in line and bring it with you along with payment payable to Woods Photography. They do accept cash, checks and credit cards.