JÕs Dance StudioÕs Fall/Spring Dance & Tumbling classes start September 9, 2019.   Pre-registration is encouraged due to class limits by July 1st.  Drop off your completed registration form along with your Registration & Insurance fees of $35 in the front door mail slot or by mail.  Any class with less than 5 students may be canceled.  Dance Classes are for a period of 9 months with tuition broken down into monthly payments.  Month to Month Tumbling classes are available Monday or Thursdays.  Tiny Tots classes are offered 1st semester and 2nd semester for a 10 week session.

Monday Classes:

4:30-5:30pm  Month to Month Tumbling/Trampoline (Beginners 5-9 yr) No recital dance. $55/mo

4:30-5:30pm Rising Stars (60 minute Combo-PreBallet, Creative Movement, Tumbling & Trampoline 3-4 yr ) $48/mo

5:30-6:30pm Bright Stars (60 minute Combo-Ballet, Tap , Tumbling & Trampoline 4-5 yr ) $48/mo

6:00-7:00pm Shooting Stars (60 minute Combo-Ballet, Tap, PreJazz, Tumbling & Trampoline 5-7 yr) $48/mo

5:30-7:00pm Lucky Stars (90 minute Combo-Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling & Trampoline 7-9 yr) $75/mo

6:30-7:15pm Jazz/Hip Hop  (45 minute 8-13 yr ) $42/mo

7:00-8:30pm  Star Power Tumbling & Trampoline Team (11 month season August-June) $68/mo.  Registration and Membership required by July 1st.  Practice times may be determined by Team membership.  Practice starts August.

Tuesday Classes:

4:30-5:30pm Bright Stars (60 minute Combo-Ballet, Tap, Tumbling & Trampoline 4-5 yr) $48/mo

4:45-5:30pm Ballet (Beginner/Intermediate 45 minutes 8-12 yr) $42/mo

5:00-6:00pm Shooting Stars (60 Combo-Ballet, Tap, PreJazz, Tumbling & Trampoline 5-7 yr) $48/mo

5:30-6:30pm Rising Stars (60 minute Combo-Ballet, Creative Movement, Tumbling & Trampoline 3-4 yr) $48/mo

6:00-7:30pm Lucky Stars (90 minute Combo-Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling & Trampoline 7-9 yr) $75/mo

5:30-7:30pm Super Stars (120 Minute Combo-Ballet,Tap, Jazz,Tumbling (4th, 5th, 6th  graders)$90/mo

7:30-8:15pm  Adult Tap- Starting 2nd semester January-May Õ20.  $42/mo


Wednesday Classes:

4:30-5:15pm Tiny Tots  (Parent/ Tot class for 19 months-3 yr olds) 10 week class in Fall & Spring.  No recital dance.

                 $75/10wk session  Sept. 12th- November 14th.  Spring Session starts January 16th.                                                                                 

6:00-6:45pm Tiny Tots  (Parent /Tot class for 19month-3 yr olds) 10 week class in Fall & Spring.  No recital dance.

                $75/10wk session.  Sept. 12th-November 14th.  Spring Session starts January 16th.                                                                                                  

5:15-6:00pm Tap  45 min.(Intermediate Jr. High (6th, 7th , 8th graders) $42/mo

5:15-6:00pm Tap  45 min. (Intermediate/Advanced High School) $42/mo

6:00-6:45pm  Jazz/Hip Hop 45 min. (Intermediate Jr High (6th, 7th, 8th graders) $42/mo

6:00-6:45pm Jazz/Hip Hop  45 min.(Intermediate/Advanced High School) $42/mo

6:45-7:30pm Ballet/Pre Pointe 45 min. (Intermediate Jr High (6th, 7th, 8th graders) $42/mo

6:45-7:30pm  Ballet/Pointe 45 min. (Intermediate/Advanced High School) $42/mo

7:30-8:15pm Lyrical 45 min. (Intermediate/Advanced Jr High & High School-Must be enrolled in Ballet)$42/mo

7:00-8:30 pm  Tentative-Tumbling Team Practice

Thursday Classes:

Tumbling & Trampoline Month to Month Classes-Non Recital (September-May)

4:00-5:00pm Intermediate 9-16 yr  $55/mo

5:00-6:00pm Beginner/Intermediate 5-10 yr $55/mo 
6:00-7:00pm Beginner 3-6 yr olds $55/mo

7:00-8:00pm Intermediate/Advanced  $55/mo


Tuition and Payment Policy   The first tuition payment will include 2 months of your monthly tuition and the remaining 7 payments are due on the first of every month. The first Costume Installment is due by November 1, 2019, and the final costume installment is due February 1, 2020. Payments may be made monthly using the coupon booklet or paid in full for the entire year including costume fees.
A 5% discount will apply to class tuition only if payment is received for the entire year prior to Sept 1st by check or cash.  When qualifying for a Family Discount, the yearly 5% discount does not apply. Family Discounts are available - Students of the same family must live in the same household, one discount per family:  Family of 3 or more students enrolled will receive 20% off their tuition. Two students of the same family enrolled in 3 or more classes each will receive 20% off tuition. A family enrolled in a total of 10 or more classes will receive a 30% discount off their tuition. Tumbling Team is not included in number of classes for discounts.

Confirmation of your class time, Payment Option Agreement & Payment Booklet will be mailed out by August 10, 2019.  All Registrations will be processed in the order received. Class size limits are necessary and JÕs Dance Studio reserves the right to place late registrants according to class availability.

DonÕt miss the Used and New Shoe and Dancewear SALE August 20th & 21st from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.

For a complete set of policies a Parent Handbook will be supplied at the beginning of the season to each student.